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Content Management System (CMS) Benefits

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Many of the local business owners are faced with the problem when it comes to deciding how to build their website.
Static html websites are long behind us and every website owner should be concentrating on providing a new and fresh content to their websites.

If you are planning to build a website with hundreds of pages that needs constant updating with new content then content management system (CMS) is the way to go.

I will only list several benefits that are more obvious to the average user:

1. Access from any location in the world

You and your users will be able to update your website from anywhere in the world, access the site and publish new content  instantly.

2. Access to contol management panel

Forget those days when you had to upload your html files and spend hours adjusting the text and images. Within CMS  you will be able to add banners, videos, content, categories, images and menus.

3. Schedule future updates

You will be able to schedule when to publish your new content by creating a draft and setting exact day and time when particular article will be published.

4. No html knowledge required

Brilliant for people who are not technically minded. Requires only logging into the management panel and creating an article.

5. Pages come search engine friendly

Possibility to include keywords in the urls of each page you create so url will not have that endless amount of numbers and characters that means nothing.

6. RSS integration

CMS websites come with RSS feed. Everytime new page is creates, it creates a feed for it so visitors with RSS feeders can read the posts/articles in their own time.

There are some other benefits which I will include in separate post (database related, design and content and so on).

Pronto Multimedia, web design in Bury, provides tailored web design solutions for small and medium size businesses.

Thanks for reading,

Gordan Bosnjak

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Web Design Manchester Bury

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Well, if you arrived on this page you are probably thinking of creating a website or already have one….
If you are too busy to be involved in creating a website or even improving a current one then I will carefully come up with the design that will entirely suit the type of your business.
Many local business owners are faced with dilemma whether to build static or dynamic type of website.

What is static website?
Static website is normally a website with few html pages connected together used by small companies. This kind of website does not get updated daily or weekly unless you need to add more pages to it.

Disadvantages of a static website:
Content does not get updated. Why this is a disadvantage? Beacuse search engines love new content and lots of it.
Complicated to update for the people with no expertise.

Advantages of a static website:
A static website is cheap and relatively quick to build and cheap to host.

What is dynamic website?
A dynamic website gives the website owner a possibility to make an updates on a daily or weekly basis with no expertise. Search engines love these kind of websites if used and promoted in the correct way. Also very useful to be used within a team where every member can contribute with new content.

Disadvantages of a dynamic website:
It will take more time to develope one. Usually it takes more people to be involved in the design of a dynamic website and normally you would need a programmer as well as a designer. Also hosting would cost you a little bit more than for a static site.

Advantages of a dynamic website:
Search engines love dynamic sites, they are very easy to update and no html knowledge needed.
Also a new content brings visitors back to the website.

I prefer dynamic site (like this one) and would build a dynamic site regardless of the size of a business for the price that would be for a fraction of the price that web design companies charge.

If you have any question question or you need an advise please give me a call or send me an email and I’ll
try to help.

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