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How To Create Your Own Information Product

If you are reading this page then probably you have been thinking about how to start creating you own products that you can sell over and over again.

Before we talk at length about the technique of creating a new product there is something very important you need to consider and truly understand:

The ultimate information business is finding a target audience and then having them make repeated purchases from you.

Your information business will grow rapidly if you start offering multiple and related offers to your customers.

Instead of selling a customer a £15 ebook and then looking for the next customer, you’ll want to setup a system to offer a £15 ebook, then a £40 product, then a £197 offer, up to a £497 product and finally a £1997 offer.

And the whole journey will start with creating a short 7-15 page reports. It is important to get your existing customers to buy more from you, to build a relationship with your customers where you will recommend products that will make a difference to them in their own journey.
I am not suggesting that you should exploit your relationship with them by trying to sell different product every five minues claiming that “this product is the best I have seen in months” and similar hype that will do you a huge disservice in the long run.

My partner and mentor Neil Stafford thought me how to successfuly create products. If you like to learn more about what neil has to say about this subject then click here or fill the form on the right side.


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