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SEO in Manchester area


Is your business ready to move forward online?
As an SEO agency in Manchester area, I would like to help you to get more customers using your website and different marketing strategies.
Before I explain little more about my services, please let me just show you a very interesting fact about local advertising.

The other day Yellow Pages came through my letter box and I picked it up and put it on the table next to the last year edition. Straight away I noticed that this year edition is much much thinner than the one from the last year. Actually there were 300 pages less in the new edition. Why am I telling you this? Well, the reason is that less and less people are looking for particular local business using Yellow Pages and more and more are finding local businesses by searching online using Google or Yahoo or some other search engines. I needed printing services last week and I found a local printing company on Google, went there and ordered what I needed.

My point is that we are completely changing the ways we go about finding the products and services we need.
Did you know that 80% of people are searching online before making a purchase? There are 1 billion local searches performed online every month!

Ok, we have my little story out of the way….Let me please introduce myself. My name is Gordan Bosnjak and I am the founder of the SEO and web design agency in Bury┬ácalled Pronto Multimedia.

I dont like calling my services SEO. I’ll explain why. SEO or search engine optimisation is just one of the services I offer. When it comes to SEO, my services are not about changing the page title and stuffing the pages with keywords. It is more about offering a complete package to explode your business online, to dominate first page of Google with multiple entries that are all pointing to your business, to work with you together to identify the next move online.

My services are about relationship and working together. Your business might be locally orientated and you might be interested only in local customers. If your business has a scope to expand nationally that is even better. Your website will end up dominating national market. I will give you examples of such a businesses:
air-conditioning maintenance, acoustic and anti-vibration products/services, elevator maintenance and so on.
No size or type of business matters.

For a long time I have been helping my friends and the people who asked me for help via my blog, people who needed help with SEO. I was very often engaged in conversation with some local business owners who needed help in getting more customers. Their websites were having no traffic at all and in the same time there were hundreds of searches in Google performed every month where people were looking for their services and products.
At that point I decided to dedicate more time in order to help these businesses to get more customers through the door and to get my business on a different level.

Some of my clients prefer taking care of their website and search engine optimisation themselves by learning SEO techniques. If that sounds like you then I would provide you with a one-to-one coaching on your business premisses and show you exactly what you need to do to successfully market your business online. The length and the nature of this service could be tailored to your individual circumstances. Read more!

You might be thinking “I don’t have a website for my business, so where should I start?”. No problem, I will build a website for you and in the matter of seven days it will be up and running ready to attract new customers. And now the best part of it. The brand new website will cost you a fraction of what web design agencies would charge you. I don’t use templates and your website will be built from the scratch the way you like it to be.

Now the ball is in your garden. Can customers find you online? If the answer is no, then you must do something about it otherwise you will be the one that is crushed by competition.

Do you remember the times in 80′s when tapes and vinyl records have been replaced by CDs? Records shops were shuting down and the only ones that survived were the ones that reacted quickly.

Don’t let your competitors attract new customers that otherwise should have been yours.
Call me today for a no-obligation FREE visit and friendly chat.

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